Each step will need to be completed in its’ entirety. You may do research online.  Materials will be presented in class as well.

Step 1:  Locate information on the life of Ernest Hemingway.  In particular, try finding information on Hemingway’s views of hunting/fishing.  Other areas to consider are:  Where/when was Hemingway born?  Where/when did he die?  What awards did he receive throughout his lifetime?  What group was Hemingway a part of while living in Paris?  What other inspirational moments in Hemingway’s life led to other writings?

Step 2:  Who was Gregorio Fuentes?  Where did he live?  Why was he important to Hemingway?

Step 3:  Where can you find a Blue Marlin?  What significance do they have to The Old Man and the Sea?  What is there status on the endangered species list?  Are there any regulations on fishing for them?

Step 4:  What critical event happened in Cuba in 1959?  How did this event change the status of the relationship the United States has with Cuba?  What is the significance of this relationship today?

All the information you collect will then be organized into a PowerPoint presentation.  You are required to have a minimum of 6 slides to address the above topics.


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