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The Internet and You:  A Writer’s Resource Guide


Purdue Online Writing Lab


            This site provides many style guides and dictionary services.  It is a useful site for anyone looking for information on how to properly cite information in a piece of writing.  I have found this cite useful for drafting bibliographies.  It also provides information on how to conduct research and evaluate sources.

Daily Writing Tips


            This site is unique for the fact that it offers daily writing tips.  The intended audience for this site is a wide variety.  Due to the rapid daily inclusion of information, the audience could be anyone from middle/high school students to college level writers.  The site also has a number of categories for writers to refer to should they need more than technical advice. 

Generating Ideas for an Essay


            This site provides advice for how to begin brainstorming a topic.  It gives several pieces of advice which any writer could follow.  The advice is common sense, but the reasoning placed behind it by the site’s author is credible and understandable.  I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for advice on how to begin a user selected essay. 

Writer’s Helper


            This site gives numerous pieces of advice to a struggling writer.  It is a strict, step-by-step process.  One of the features of this website which I find to be most helpful is that it puts certain text in bold to emphasize the importance of certain concepts.  The site gives the writer the option to begin with a simple writing process before looking for any polishing or editing effects. 



Guide to Writing Thesis Statements


            This site looks at the basic elements and arguments of what goes into a thesis statement.  It organizes its information into a clear step process with examples to help a reader work through the steps.  It also provides advice for a writer to avoid certain concerns.  I would recommend this site to anyone who is struggling to formulate a thesis or who is unaware of the necessary portions of a thesis statement. 

Developing a Thesis


            This site helps the reader to not only write a thesis, but to also anticipate what the thesis statement can do later on in the essay.  One of the key distinctions in this site is that it provides five measuring factors for a thesis.  It provides examples with each.  These guidelines will be helpful to anyone attempting to access this information for the purpose of drafting a thesis.

Indiana University Writing Tutoring Services


            This site offers advice on how to generate a thesis statement.  The one distinction which helps this site to stand out is the fact that it separates the notion of teacher selected vs. user selected topics.  The site explains how each area can require alternate attention to the thesis statement.  This site also provides examples and a series of tests to determine if a thesis sentence is strong or not.  This site would be useful to anyone working their way through the introduction of an essay.  I find it especially useful for its attention to the strong vs. weak argument.   

Editing the Essay, Part One


            This site offers a five step method for editing a paper.  It is not a series of tasks which is presented, but rather a collection of advice.  Each of the five topics is defined in detail and provides adequate explanation for each piece of advice.  This would be a useful approach for someone who is more seasoned in editing writing, but who still may struggle with maintaining a focus as they edit. 

Tips for Revising & Editing Essays


            This site provides a clear pamphlet style approach to editing an essay.  It organizes the process into a ten step, multi layered approach to editing.  I would consider this a useful method for anyone who is unsure of how to edit a paper.  The layered approach is actually a series of questions which the user can answer as they review their work.  This resource would be useful to anyone from middle school through college. 



            This site is a useful tool for making a bibliography.  It has the option for several formats.  The site is user friendly and simply asks that the user input the information from the resource being added to a bibliography.  The site generates the entry which can then be cut and pasted into another document.  There is also the option to register for the site in order to save bibliographical for later use. 


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